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Obituary for Tara Godfrey

Tara Godfrey left this world unexpectedly on October 31, 2022. She lived her 38 years with no regrets, much love, sometimes overwhelming and downright morbid humor, but always with the generosity and kindness she showed to all that knew & loved her. She was a force to be reckoned with and, according to a friend, “an acquired taste for many” but if you stuck it out she was a forever friend.
Tara came screaming into this world on either May 3rd or May 5th 1984. The exact date depends on who you are asking. She was the 3rd and youngest daughter for Paula & Rick Godfrey. To circumvent the birthday issue, we all just wished her a Happy Birthday on both days. Why not? Everyone would love to have 2 birthdays a year.
She was much loved & will be forever missed by all her family and friends from across the globe. She was a loving daughter, devoted wife (according to Chris she “was a large pain in the ass but my god I love her!”), doting mother, obnoxiously annoying little sister (but that is the job title for little sisters & she worked mandatory overtime), favorite Auntie Tati for her gagillion nieces & nephews both by blood & by love, and a United States Army Reserves veteran.
Tara leaves behind so many loved ones. Brace yourself because it is a lot of people. If I miss anyone please know that she still loved you and we all love you for being her friend. Her mother Paula Godfrey, stepmother Sarah Godfrey, husband Chris Morris, children Alexis, Gavin, & Lucas, oldest sister Karli Brown & husband Justin Brown, Karli’s children Austin Miller, Bailey Miller, Anya Miller, and Caden Sizemore, middle sister Courtney Rafferty & her children Camryn Godfrey, Holdyn Rafferty, Deaglan Rafferty, Carys Rafferty, & Seely Rafferty, aunts Vikki Butynski, Wendy (Gruenberg), and Karla (Godfrey) and their families. She also left behind numerous friends: Sandy Wellinger and her family, Patty Coolidge, Leah & Amy and their families in MI, Justine and her family in Florida, Christina (Adam, Mason, Tailynn, Lincoln), Chris Cadieux & Dawn Elliot and their children in North Carolina, Tracy & Scott Swanson and all of their family in MN, Brittany & her family in MN, and all of her much loved Brothers and Sisters in Arms across the world. And everyone else that has reached out to us.
Those that predeceased her now have the honor of adding her to their group watching over us. I hope she remembers to give them all kisses for us here. She now can give much needed kisses and hugs to her 4 month old nephew Logan Godfrey, her father Rick, all 4 of her grandparents, her much loved ex-husband Aaron Swanson, and her father-in-law David Morris.